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About Us



“Par’a’dox” - something that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet perhaps is true. From the Greek ‘contrary thinking, suppose, imagine…’

That is the start of our wine making adventure, a group of wine enthusiasts wanting to make the kind of wine we imagined could be made. Since 2004 when we made our first release we have embraced the artisan wine movement focused on making handcrafted wine in small quantities to which we can apply our philosophy of terroir, technique and time. This allows us to bring each individual release to its full potential creating complex yet balanced wine of many varietals including Barbera, Grenache, Merlot, Syrah and Rhone-style blends that are unique.

Inspiration comes from an interest in wines from all over the world. I’ve traveled to many winemaking regions and visited hundreds of wineries to learn from them and bring those experiences back to California where fruit is sourced from premier single estate vineyards. For the first few years we made our wine for ourselves and to give to our friends and people that loved it as much as we did. That list grew and grew and we responded to the call to make our wine available commercially since 2011 and are a member of the East Bay Vintners Alliance as of 2013, www.eastbayvintners.com

We don’t have our own tasting room yet but work with other wineries and special event planners to create opportunities to taste Paradox. By getting on our email list you will be aware of these events, including release parties, winemaker dinners and other festival events. This isn’t a club with scheduled shipments, it’s just info for those interested in great wine at great prices made by a team of winemakers who are passionate about it and have fun doing it. We hope you’ll share our passion and enjoy our wines.


Dominic Reo
Principal / General Manager



(Outside BellaGrace Vineyard... Steven, Franie, Karen, Dominic)


(Sarah bottling... Dominic & Dot)


(Barbara Event Table, June 9, 2013... Dominic & Edie)


(Steven stiring the 2008 Reserve Syrah, June 4, 2013)


(Dot and Dominic treating barrels, Summer 2014)